Joint Statement

Towards the End of Child Poverty: Joint Statement

This joint statement aims to articulate the shared understanding of the importance of child poverty, its devastating consequences, and the key responses that can help lift children and future generations out of poverty as we usher in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Key messages include

1. Children are key to ending poverty: Today’s children are central to ending poverty and promoting a more sustainable, equitable, just future.

2. Despite substantial progress in reducing global poverty, children continue to bear a burden. Nearly 1 in 2 extremely poor persons around the world is 18 years old or younger. Beyond financial poverty, many children suffer from deprivations related to nutrition, health, education, water, and sanitation.

3. The new SDGs aim to tackle child poverty by halving the proportion of men, women and children living in poverty in all its dimensions (Target 1.2) by 2030.

4. Country experiences show that progress is possible by prioritizing efforts to reduce child poverty, expanding child-sensitive social protection systems and programs, improving access to quality public services-especially for the poorest children-and promoting inclusive growth.

Author(s): Global Coalition to End Child Poverty

Publication date: October 2016



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