Using Technology to Promote Youth Employment

How to develop digital solutions

A new World Bank blog by Gabriela Aguerrevere, Patricia Langan and Ali Mnif discusses how Save the Children’s flagship youth employment program “Skills to Succeed” is testing and refining digital solutions to help empower youth to become professionally successful. Save the Children, together with partners such as Accenture, created an intentional, human-centered design-based digital development process which follows five steps:

  1. Understanding the current situation and aligning principles and objectives of the team, users, and donors to an overall strategy
  2. Defining the  challenges and opportunities and understanding users’ contexts and external influences
  3. Designing creative solutions with users in order to address their needs
  4. Developing, testing with users, and refining quick prototypes
  5. Piloting the product and measuring results

To find out more read the full blog HERE