Listen again: Webinar - The Global Child Poverty Challenge

Listen to this webinar 'The Child Poverty Challenge: In Search of Solutions' which took place on Monday 12th December 2016, 14.00 – 16.15 UK time. 

Children are the most vulnerable people in the world – but rarely has the impact of poverty on children been addressed as an urgent issue in its own right. A new book provides essential reading for all those working on social protection and poverty reduction programmes in developing countries, including researchers, policy makers, and those working for development agencies.

This webinar was an opportunity to hear from several of the book’s authors who provided a snapshot on their chapters. There was alsoa chance to ask presenters questions.


Time           Session                                                                        Presenter        

14.00          Introduction to the Launch - Richard Morgan

 14.10          Evidence on What Matters from Young Lives data (4 countries)- Paul Dornan    

 14.20         Child impact findings from Microeconomic Interventions -Josh Chaffin / Cali Ellis         

14.30         Child Sensitive Social Protection -  Katherine Richards       

14.30 – 14.45 Q & A         

 14.45         Responsible finance and Child Labour  - Patricia Richter        

 14.55          Supporting working children through microfinance (Egypt)- Richard Carothers      

 15.05          Impact of wealth increases on school enrolment (Bangladesh) Munshi Sulaiman        

 15.15 – 15.30 Q & A         

15.30          Fostering economic opportunities for Youth in Africa - Karen Moore   

15.40          Impact of Youth Savings initiatives   - Rani Deshpande        

 15.50 – 16.00 Q & A

16.00 – 16.15 Roundup, Publication Information and Thanks - Clare Tawney, Richard Morgan

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Resources shared during the webinar

The Child Poverty Challenge can be purchased from:  If you quote the voucher code PAPCONF2016 at checkout you can get a 25% discount on a paperback copy.

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