Briefing Paper

Child Poverty and Adolescent Transitions

This brief shows why reducing poverty during the second decade of a child’s life is necessary to promote children’s rights and is a sound investment for the future. It identifies actions that governments and others can take, and the data and evidence gaps that need to be addressed in order to tackle adolescent poverty and its consequences.



Briefing Paper

Child-sensitive Social Protection

This policy brief from the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty defines the principles of Child-sensitive Social Protection (CSSP), why it is crucial for helping ensure the well being and realisation of rights for children, and broadly summarises how the coalition and its partners can help achieve CSSP.

Briefing Paper

Putting Children First: A Policy Agenda to End Child Poverty

This briefing paper draws on evidence and the experience of over 20 organisations working together in the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty.

It outlines key building blocks for how countries can address child poverty and offers evidence and experience to support national discussion on the best policy options for children.

Joint Statement

Towards the End of Child Poverty: Joint Statement

This joint statement aims to articulate the shared understanding of the importance of child poverty, its devastating consequences, and the key responses that can help lift children and future generations out of poverty as we usher in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).