Realising SDG1: Six Actions for #EndingChildPoverty


A Call to Identify Solutions and Take Action to Tackle Child Poverty and Inequality in Africa


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Over 170 participants came together for the International Conference  "Putting Children First: Identifying Solutions and Taking Action to Tackle Poverty and Inequality in Africa" in Addis Ababa on the 23-25 October 2017, to share research and experiences on finding solutions to fight child poverty. The resulting communiqué is a shared document formulated as a direct result of conference activity.

Whilst appreciating the commitment of African Governments to foster An Africa Fit for Children and also recognising the positive developments thus far, they noted with great concern that;

  • Africa will account, over the next 15 years, for a fast-rising share of the worlds children in extreme poverty.
  • Children across the world are the people most likely to be poor.
  • Whilst poverty affects girls and boys in both visible and immediately measurable ways, it also exists in numerous unseen ways.
  • Poverty is reinforced by inequality, and these inequalities deeply affect the life-chances of children in the poorest families.

In light of this our collective voice amplifies efforts to support better policy for children. We know that effective responses to child poverty are both available and affordable, and we call on African Governments, alongside their national and international partners, to implement six recommendations:


Recognise child poverty as a priority area in national strategies, policies and programmes.


Develop programmes specifically targeted to address poverty and deprivations among girls and boys at all stages of childhood.


Measure child poverty in its various dimensions.


Strengthen existing national information systems to focus on and distinguish the situation of the poorest families and most deprived children.


Strengthen research and analysis on the many dimensions and cause of child poverty, in order to inform and motivate policy action.


Establish an African Child Poverty Centre in Africa led by African researchers and supported by other associated networks.