Building a 21st Century fit for young people

An unfinished agenda: youth and poverty in 2017

New blog by Francis Winter of Young LIves

Young Lives is a unique study running since 2002 following the lives of 12,000 boys and girls in two age groups in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. The older group are now 22 years old. Young Lives Policy Officer, Francis Winter takes the opportunity to discuss what has been learnt from this study and how the lives of these young people are providing a compelling picture of what it's like to be young and poor in 2017.

Drawing on the wealth of experiences from the lives of these young people, Francis Winter identifies five priorities for building a 21st century fit for young people.

  1. Protect young people from the impact of poverty
  2. Make education work for young people
  3. Support teenagers who work and care for others
  4. Prioritise adolescent-friendly health and family planning
  5. Access to decent jobs