THE Global GOAls FOR SUstainable Development


As part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), world leaders have committed to end extreme poverty by 2030, and to half the number of children living in poverty in all its dimensions, everywhere. 

Ending child poverty is a worthy goal that should bind us together. But in order to achieve this noble goal, we need to give every child what they need as they grow up and develop, free from deprivation and want.


Tackling child poverty as part of the SDGS

Ending child poverty isn't a dream. Ending child poverty as part of the SDGs will require better data to monitor progress, and sustained investments in the poorest children through social protection, quality services, and more inclusive growth. Whilst countries may differ in their approach, these and other interventions can make a huge difference in children's lives. 

Investing in children through better healthcare, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and social protection is one of the best ways to allow children to fully develop and thrive. These investments have demonstrated benefits for children with high returns, especially when started from an early age, and can make a lasting difference to ending child poverty.

There is no time to lose. By putting children at the forefront of the poverty agenda, we can lift millions of children out of poverty and accelerate progress across other crucial goals.




A world in which no child grows up in poverty and every child can fulfil their potential would be a different world. Ending child poverty is a defining challenge for this generation.

However, until now, children have received little attention in the global struggle against poverty. The new child poverty SDGs offer a unique opportunity to change this.

Towards achieving this vision the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty have produced a guide that collects experiences and approaches from around the world to support policy makers, practitioners and advocates towards as we work to achieve A World Free from Child Poverty. 
Download the full guide here or click on each milestone to download by milestone.


5 Milestones to end child poverty



The next 15 years will be crucial. We are calling on people and leaders around the world to take action to end child poverty. We all have a role to play – including national governments, the UN, researchers and civil society, citizens and children themselves – to come together for children. 

The Global Coalition to End Child Poverty will be supporting these efforts by raising awareness, promoting better data for monitoring child poverty in all its dimensions, and implementing new and innovative research and programmes to help reach the poorest children - wherever they live.