Founded by Alberto Minujin in 2006, Equity for Children exists to improve the living conditions of poor, marginalized and underserved children around the world. It advances an agenda of social justice for children and strengthens the impact of programs and policies connected to child wellbeing, creating and disseminating knowledge to stimulate critical and innovative thinking about child poverty and inequality. Equity for Children develops impact driven recommendations and highlights best practices in four focus areas: early childhood development and childcare, urban inequities, social protection and climate change.

Equity for Children is housed at The New School in New York City, with a presence in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Its knowledge portal is delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  Equidad para la infancia and Equidade para a Infância focus on Latin America and provide key resources to enhance academic and public understanding of issues related to child poverty and social policy.

Equity for Children creates and disseminates knowledge about the multiple dimensions of child poverty and provides a global, evidence-based platform for research, advocacy and networking.