Child Monetary Poverty and Multidimensional Deprivations

Academic Article

Child Monetary Poverty and Multidimensional Deprivations: Why they Differ

Article co-authored by Partnership for Economic Policy's (PEP) scientific adviser John Cockburn


"We analyse the causal effect of parental education on the potential mismatch between child monetary poverty and multidimensional deprivations. First, in a simple model of parental investment in child outcomes, we demonstrate that the misalignment between household monetary resources and parental education causes a mismatch. Indeed, a match between poverty and deprivation occurs whenever household consumption expenditure and parental education are correlated. Second, using micro-level data from Tanzania, we find that parental education has a negative effect on the probability that a monetarily non-poor child suffers some basic deprivations, and a positive effect on the likelihood that a monetarily poor child suffers no basic deprivations".


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Publisher: Oxford University Press on behalf of the Centre for the Study of African Economies

Publication date: 12th March 2018

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