Tackling Child Poverty in Latin America: Rights and Social Protection in Unequal Societies


This new book highlights current debates about concepts, methods, and policies related to poverty in Latin America. It focuses on child and adolescent well-being and the issue of inclusive societies. Its goal is to promote new and critical thinking about these issues globally and in Latin America.

The authors emphasize the need to develop new conceptual and practical avenues that can address the issues of poverty, marginalization, exclusion, and old and new inequalities in post-neoliberal times. The objective is to advance the rights of all children and adolescents in the region.

This urgent book represents a unique opportunity for practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and students to get access to the most up-to-date perspectives on child poverty and inequality from a conceptual and practical point of view.


Edited by Alberto Minujin (Equity for Children), Monica Gonzalez Contro and Raul Mercer

Published by the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty  (CROP) and  Ibidem Verlag, Stuttgart.


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