Arigatou International is an international faith-based non-profit organization committed to building a better world for children. An initiator and sustainer of partnership-based initiatives to secure child rights and foster children's well-being, Arigatou International seeks to maximize the potential of interfaith cooperation, and always strives to empower and involve children and youth in its work.

Currently, Arigatou International works with individuals and organisational partners in over 40 countries across the globe to promote values and ethics for children, End child poverty, address violence against children and advance sustainable development for the wellbeing of children.

End Child Poverty is the global initiative of Arigatou International that mobilises faith-inspired resources to overcome poverty affecting children. The Initiative uses three main approaches: Encouraging theological reflection, prayer and action to mitigate child poverty; Engaging in relevant advocacy and lobbying for social and policy change; and Supporting flagship and replicable grassroots projects that address child poverty in three key areas - Right to education, Transforming violent conflicts that cause and or intensify poverty and Income-generating activities for care-givers from low-income families.

Arigatou International is headquartered in Tokyo and has offices in Geneva, New York and Nairobi.